The ABC of Style: How to Travel Smart

The ABC of Style: How to Travel Smart

Essential Items to Travel Smart

Travel smart while you’re on the go by packing these essentials ideal for accompanying you on a weekend getaway in Europe. Optimise your trip by choosing your items wisely and packing compactly so you can leave some space for souvenirs to bring back.

Firstly, ensure that you have a durable and versatile travelling bag or case that fits within the airport’s hand luggage dimensions. The C6 2-in-1 Rucksack is a practical and stylish design that we have tried and tested, which doubles up as both a rucksack and detachable laptop case.

Crafted from durable nylon, the rucksack is the perfect companion to travel smart with and can fit in more than you can imagine.

When packing the night before for a weekend getaway abroad, it’s important to choose your basic luxuries wisely.

Travelling can be made much smoother with your MacBook and favourite tech to provide some in-flight entertainment.

It’s better to be prepared for the worst, and if any country’s weather is as unpredictable as England’s then it’s advisable to travel smart and have a compact whangee umbrella by London Undercover on hand, which will shield you from the rain in style with its vibrant colour way.

When you arrive at the hotel, you may want to change into something a bit smarter for dinner, so swap your casual Zespa trainers for a pair of Sanders X Hardy Amies leather brogues.

For sight-seeing in the city the following day, we advise to pack a casual outfit; after all, every man need’s a classic pair of jeans in his wardrobe.

These Selvedge denim jeans by Hawksmill Denim Co. have been cut for a slim but universally flattering fit. The solid indigo wash makes them versatile to dress up and dress down, just swap your t-shirt for a shirt in the evening.

Each of these items fits into the C6 2-in-1 Rucksack perfectly and our guide will help you travel smart for your next weekend trip away.