Hardy Amies Tailoring Alterations


We offer alteration services on tailored items. All alterations can be made from our Savile Row store, where one of our experts will measure and pin the alterations to ensure the perfect fit. Alterations are usually available within 1 week. 


We regret that we cannot offer alterations unless you are able to visit our Savile Row store. If you are unable to come into the store, or are an international customer we would recommend that you visit a local tailor for more complex alterations or a local dry cleaners will often offer trouser length alterations.


 Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves with shams   Complimentary 
 Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves make Key holes       £35.00      
 Reduce Side Seams  £30.00 
 Close Vents   £30.00  
 Deepen Armholes   £30.00  
 Shorten Jacket Length   £30.00  
 Square Back Neck   £30.00  
 Pick Up Shoulder Ends & Ease Underarm  £50.00 
 Pick Up Shoulder Ends using Wadding   £25.00  
 Narrow Shoulders  £50.00 
 Clear Front Scyes  £30.00 
 Reduce Back Drape   £35.00  
 Narrow Neck and Shorten Collar to Fit  £50.00 
 Shorten Sleeves from Crown(working Cuffs)  £50.00 
 Full Re-Lining (Excluding Pockets) £160.00 
 Shorten or Lengthen  Complimentary 
 Take In/Out Waist thru Seat  Complimentary 
 Take In/Out Waist and Fork  Complimentary 
 Satin Saddle  £15.00
 Full Tapering  £30.00
 Half Tapering  £20.00
 Change Zip  £25.00
 Remove Belt Loops and Make Side Adjusters  £30.00
 Re-Fork  £30.00
 Full Re-Lining of Trouser  £60.00
 Dropping Waistband to reduce Trouser Rise  £50.00
 Reduce Side Seams  £20.00
 Shorten Through Shoulders  £20.00
 New Back Lining (to increase size)  £60.00
 Shorten Sleeves  £20.00
 Reduce Side Seams  £20.00

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